Q: How much does shipping cost? 
A: We like flat rate shipping. No surprises! Shipping to Canada is $10. International shipping (including USA) is $20. Shipping anywhere is free over $150. Prices do not include taxes.

Q: How long does it take?
A: We use Canada Post Expedited shipping. In Canada, expect it to arrive in 8-12 business days. In the US and other countries, expect 14-21 business days.

Q: Why did I receive my order in two shipments?
A: We try to avoid this situation, but since some Mojo products are made in Vancouver, and some are shipped from our distributor, it does happen. If you really don't want that to happen, let me know and I'll have my supplier ship to me, and I'll forward it to you. This will cost $10 extra and take a few extra days. I know, it's not the greatest. I'm working on it!


Q: Do you do returns?
A: Why, YES, we have a great return policy!


Q: Why are some images pixelated?
A: Accessibility is one of our primary values, so we built a site that was easy to browse for all levels of comfort. Some people feel really uncomfortable viewing items that look like body parts, whether that be because of gender dysphoria, religious convictions, being triggered, or just being squicked out. We respect their right to have access to sexual goods, and we figured it was worth the extra click.

Q: How come you use gender neutral language?
A: Again, we want Mojo to be an accessible place for all genders. It's the 21st Century, after all.


Q: Why do you charge for consultation?
A: The idea is to keep my prices on par with online stores AND offer optional boutique level consultation service. How? The consultation has a minimal fee and if someone buys from us within 30 days, that fee is applied to their purchase. Is that a neat idea or what? Let’s find out!


Q: Do you do gift cards?
A: Not yet, we're working on it.