Mojo Waterproof Mat

Mojo Brand

This double-sided mat is made to absorb fluids. Lots of fluids. Unlike rubber sheets, this plush mini mat acts like a sponge, absorbing up to 1L of... whatever.

One side is lined with super-absorbent cotton/polyester chenille, and the other is a smooth and fuzzy fleece, with a waterproof core and some foam to make it extra comfy!

It’s also super-portable; it rolls up and comes with a little tie so you can pretend you’re going to yoga. Sexy yoga.

I designed it with sexytime in mind, but there are lots of other applications, and it can be used as a change pad, or for night sweats, or bed wetting. Be warned, though. The cat *will* think it is his bed, and the mat may not be fully waterproof after Mister Biscuits gets through with it.

Made with (new) upcycled fleece from local manufacturers like MEC, so you can save your mattress (couch, car seats, etc) and feel good about saving the earth.

Materials: Upcycled fleece. Non-latex foam, eco-friendly waterproof polyurethane fabric, polyester plush, polyester ribbon.

Dimensions: 24” x 17.5”

Care: Machine or hand wash cold. Tumble dry cold or hang to dry. Do not iron.

One year warranty against defects. Made with love in East Vancouver.

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