Mojo Brand

These straps were designed to wrap around the slatted bed bases of a certain near-ubiquitous furniture manufacturer, BUT WAIT! They do so much more. Each 1” wide nylon strap opens on both ends with a double set of D rings, so they can be secured to any number of places. Bed legs, chair legs, fence post, you can really use your imagination here. You can even use them as over-the-door restraints* by flipping one end over a door and securing the other end with a stopper (such as a piece of dowel, soup can, sneaker, whatever). Super portable for play parties, these straps can even be used as cuffs or hog-ties in a pinch. Each strap comes with a modest plastic swivel hook, but you can easily replace it with the mega-butch hardware of your choosing. Cuffs not included.

*Please note that these are not suspension restraints. Don’t hang your full weight on them or you will fall down and we will be sad.

Materials: Nylon webbing, D rings.

Dimensions: 1” wide, 7 - 19” long. 2 Strapps included.

Care: Machine or hand wash cold. Dry hardware right away. Hang to dry.

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